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Business Environment Questions and Issues

Western Montana is rapidly becoming a center of business development on the I-90 corridor, which links the northern tier of states. The range of businesses includes high tech, laser/optic, electronics, information technologies and software and biotechnology. Montana also has a small but growing traditional manufacturing base. Montana’s favorable business climate enhances the natural beauty which has brought many of us to the state.

Initiatives Around the State

  1. MBIC
    In terms of business development, the state is just achieving critical mass in terms of bringing skilled entrepreneurs together with skilled professionals to create dynamic new companies. I co founded Montana Business Innovation Council (MBIC) to help create a network or peers, mentors and professionals to support innovative business in Montana. Mr. Wells is the current President of (MBIC). www.mbic.com

  2. BETTRE Committee of the Montana State Bar
    Mr. Wells is currently secretary of the Business, Estates, Trusts Tax and Real Estate Committee of the Montana State Bar.
    BETTRE is currently pursuing two initiatives:
    a. A review of Montana’s securities Laws
    b. The Forms Project in which forms used by attorneys of the Bettre committee are reviewed.

  3. Bozeman Technology Roundup
    Montana Venture Law is a sponsor of the Bozeman Technology Roundup. BTR is a nationwide contest to discover excellent entrepreneurs with technology-based businesses that need capitalization. The BTR introduces winning entrepreneurs with venture capital and angel investors. The BTR has its own website, www.bozemantechroundup.com. Go see it – it’s lots of fun!

Entrepreneurial Climate

Montana is a place with a great lifestyle, terrific public schools, a high-tech workforce, and a major research university. Although it is one of America’s best-kept secrets, Montana has a lot to offer businesses, in both the old and new economy. Montana is a match made in heaven – a physical place and a state of mind where entrepreneurs, quality of life and capital meet to create the future.